We have been following up on to the news of Blue Trading allegedly being a fraudulent Mauritius based organization since it was first brought to our attention a few weeks ago. We have blocked them from any existing or potential CVA membership and have taken appropriate measures to guide affected individuals to the correct authorities. Our newly elected Ethics Officer and his team are currently investigating the case and will provide, if applicable, any details to the appropriate authorities.

We are deeply disappointed with the actions of individual companies which undermine not only the brand of the CVA, but the adoption of blockchain and digital assets as a whole.  Be assured that the matter has our full attention and are aiming to provide the assistance we can to ensure the matter is resolved.

Our actions behind the scene are not reflected at the moment on the CVA website because we are legally restricted to share any information publicly on a case still being investigated. As soon as possible we will publish any updates to the extent that is legally permissible.

While honoring our commitment to full transparency the CVA is handling this matter with respect to the principles of fairness, proportionality and the presumption of innocence.