We’re joined by Loi Luu, Co-founder of KyberNetwork. This new decentralized exchange protocol, built on Ethereum, aims to match buyers with reserve operators, who create liquidity for crypto-asset pairs. Trades occur instantaneously and without the need for a trusted third party exchange operator.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Loi’s background and involvement with various projects such as TrueBit, Smart Pool, and Oyente
  • The desirable features of a decentralized exchange
  • Other decentralized exchange projects and how they compare to KyberNetwork
  • KyberNetwork’s unique design philosophy
  • KyberNetwork’s user experience and how a trade occurs from start to finish
  • The various actors in the network and their respective roles
  • How KyberNetwork mitigates certain vulnerabilities, such as transaction front running
  • How network actors are compensated
  • KyberNetwork’s DAO governance model and development roadmap

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This episode is hosted by Meher Roy and Sébastien Couture. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/195