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February 2019

CVA Statement on Blue Trading

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The CVA has been approached by various persons regarding the Blue Trading platform. We are currently looking into allegations expressed publicly against Blue Trading of inappropriate business conduct, based on the CVA’s General Code of Conduct: 

“Members do their business in a responsible and transparent way, and do not engage in practices which would be potentially or factually damaging to the image and interests of the CVA and the ecosystem. Members adhere at all times to the Codes and, beyond it, to the applicable laws and regulations.”

As always, the CVA remains committed to its mission of fostering a healthy blockchain ecosystem and does not tolerate any inappropriate behavior within its membership, particularly when it goes against the values that members sign up to when becoming part of the Association.

CVA at Consensus NY 2019

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  The CVA is again making preparations to have a presence at the Consensus NY conference from 13-15 May 2019. If you are interested in joining the CVA presence, please…

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