Blockchain technologies are changing the way we think about data archival and storage. For instance, most database systems can only capture the current state of a data set. This means we must rely on secondary backup systems to ensure historical data can remain accessible, a stark contrast from what the most basic of blockchains provide out of the box. Database systems that offer immutability and historical context for data would be greatly beneficial for companies as it would make internal and external audits much less costly and time-intensive.

We’re delighted to bring you an interview with Flip Filipowski and Brian Platz. Flip is a veteran entrepreneur whose career spans 50 years, having worked for and founded some of the world’s largest software companies of the 80’s and 90’s. He is also the CEO of SilkRoad Equity and a Founding Partner of Tally Capital. Brian’s background includes having founded A List Appart in 1994, which is among the oldest and most influential web development blogs, and SilkRoad Technologies.

Flip and Brian join us to talk about their new company, Fluree. Their product, FlureeDB, is a scalable graph database which provides the benefits of blockchain technologies, such as immutability, replayability and fault tolerance. Currently, in development, the goal for FlureeDB is to support various consensus rules based on the network configuration: private systems, federated (or consortium) clusters, and fully decentralized public networks.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Flip and Brian’s respective backgrounds and entrepreneurial ventures
  • How blockchain will disrupt most major companies that exist today
  • FlureeDB and the problem it is trying to solve
  • How FlureeDB improves compliance procedures for enterprise
  • How FlureeDB can address some of the challenges ahead with regards to GDPR
  • FlureeDB’s technical infrastructure and elementary components
  • The different consensus modes and scalability properties of FlureeDB
  • Why they chose to structure the company as a Public Benefit Corporation
  • FlureeDB’s development roadmap

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