We’re joined by Jeff Garzik, who was among the very first developers to work with Satoshi in the early days of Bitcoin. Later, he was a core developer at Bitpay and even tried to put a Bitcoin node on a satellite in space. Today, he is co-founder at Bloq, a company providing enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure. Bloq recently announced a new project called Metronome that challenges some of the design and governance principles of many public blockchain networks.

Metronome is cryptocurrency that sits on top of existing blockchains and aims to allow tokens to easily move from one network to the other. A series of standard blockchain contracts allow for daily descending price auctions to occur automatically, and for users to buy and sell the tokens using a Bancor-like system with built-in liquidity.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Jeff’s background as a web developer at CNN and as a Linux developer
  • His early days in Bitcoin working with Satoshi
  • His thoughts on Bitcoin governance and lessons learned from the Segwit2X episode
  • The lessons learned from founding Bloq
  • What is Metronome and what problem does it aim to solve
  • Metronome’s self-governance and how the system is meant to evolve
  • The different smart contracts which make up Metronome
  • How Metronome allows MTN tokens to move to different blockchains
  • The economics of the protocol and the descending price auction system
  • The upcoming Metronome token sale and development roadmap

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