We’re joined by Yoni Assia, Founder and CEO of eToro. The concept behind this world-leading social trading platform is users invest smarter by automatically copying the top traders in the community. With over 10 million users, over a trillion dollars traded on the platform just last year alone, this fascinating approach to trading is making huge waves. A decade after its original launch, eToro entered the crypto space with eToroX, their crypto exchange. More recently, they added cryptocurrencies to the growing list of assets that users can add to “Copy Trades.” Yoni shares his long-term vision in which he sees the tokenization of all traditional asset classes eventually taking place.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Yoni’s background and how he first became interested in financial trading
  • How Yoni and his brother came up with the idea for eToro
  • The background of the Bitcoin community in Israel
  • Yoni’s predictions for the finance industry
  • How the power of tokenization paved the path for eToro
  • What makes eToro unique compared to other crypto trading platforms
  • eToro’s blockchain wallet
  • The launch of the eToroX crypto currency exchange
  • eToro’s views on custody of assets and DeFi

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