Oliver opened the session by explaining that the primary reason for the meeting is one of administration and the necessity of appointing an auditor for the Association. He followed by summarizing the year to date to the attendees including making the comment that there have been a large number of corporate members joining recently including welcoming Swiss Post earlier in the week. The three regulatory events held recently alongside in FINMA were very well received, especially given the open opportunities for Q&A. This was recognized as being of significant value to FINMA as well as they were able to receive direct feedback from the community rather than only hearing from the usual lobbyists. Oliver also mentioned the upcoming Crypto Valley Conference, the fact that we are on-track from a sponsorship perspective, and that this will be the world’s first conference focused on academia in the blockchain space. The growth of the Association across Switzerland has also been strong in 2018, with a growing number of events and networking opportunities outside of Zug. The new Taxation Working Group will be publishing its first materials over the next few weeks, with involvement of the tax authorities themselves. Finally, Oliver mentioned the Association’s recent Swiss Fintech Award, which recognized the influence that the Association has had in the community since its inception 12 months ago.

Rene introduced brag Buchhaltungs und Treuhand AG, who is not a member of the Association (which is a pre-requisite) and the firm will be re-elected each year. The meeting attendees voted unanimously for their appointment as auditor.

Kevin spoke about the annual conference coming in June. IEEE has decided to only associate their logo to one blockchain conference globally and CVA is proud to have been awarded that honour. The level of involvement of academic speakers is especially notable and is being recognized as a dominant source of innovation that will eventually drive future corporate opportunities. Kevin also spoke at a high level about the many other upcoming events across Switzerland including the Annual General Meeting that will take place in May. Details of all of the events are on the Association website.

There were no other topics that had been sent in and therefore we moved to the close where Oliver opened to the floor for general questions which covered the opportunity to collaborate further with banks, ideas for establishing other chapters, and the Association’s activities beyond events and working groups that aim to drive positive impact in the ecosystem across financial infrastructure, regulation, operationalizing the ever-growing number of inbound requests, continuing to grow assistance for startups as well as establishing a research agenda along with more formal publications – not only in Switzerland but increasingly on an international basis.