This Smith + Crown blockchain technology memo provides a technical overview of the most popular blockchain platforms by exploring their core components and examining how they interact so to enable a fully functioning blockchain platform. The memo seeks to:

  • Clarify the core technical components underlying blockchain platforms so to understand their advantages and limitations.
  • Review major blockchains’ current state of development.
  • Compare platform’s security, governance, scalability, developer support, and more.

Please enjoy the Blockchain Tech Series: Ethereum, EOS, and Hyperledger.


Readers who may find value in the memo include:

  • Entrepreneurs and Executives considering blockchain technology strategies can find a high-level overview of the platforms and the tradeoffs they might present.
  • Policymakers can hone their understanding of how these protocols are fundamentally different from each other and identify which differences matter for policy goals.
  • Community Members broadly familiar with the technology but not deeply conversant with individual platforms will find a pithy overview of how major platforms differ from each other.

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