We have the Events Working Group attending the board meeting this evening.  As the Association membership accelerates, we want to continue to drive engagement across both working groups and members.  Events will be a key part of delivering this.

There is the potential to complement the current project presentations with more discussion-style events.   The announcement of the Code of Conduct offers a good opportunity for a more discussion-oriented event and will lead on to the next revision of the code.  We will invite KPMG to present to the board in the near future on the origin of the two new working groups around tax and cybersecurity and events can be dedicated to these new topics.

We went on to discuss a number of other organizations that should be invited to participate in events including the current top cryptocurrencies, incumbent financial services providers, local universities and others, as well as key topics such as Lightning Networks, AI, Quantum Computing and more.  This will complement the new Coders meetup group and Blockchain 4 Good group.   We also discussed opportunities for increasing the number of women involved in the organization and the collaboration with other associations in the Zug/Zurich region that combine Women and Tech topics.  Nicolas provided an update on the progress in the Romandie region and the growing number of requests there, while Gianni is preparing for the first Southern Alps meetup for 8th February and is actively looking at connections with Milan.

We discussed the opportunity to have a physical presence at the 2018 consensus conference in New York.  We elected to take the basic booth package and the Comms team will be reaching out to our members to determine interest in joining us in having presence at the booth.  Members will be asked to pay a small fee to participate.  If you are interested, reach out to comms@cryptovalley.swiss.

The Crypto Valley Conference preparation is progressing well.  We have three satellite events organized and an increasing number of sponsors.  We have also welcomed MIT as an academic partner which completes a long list of ivy-league universities actively engaged.

We also discussed the Supporting Partner requirements and will be creating a more formal application process and a members-only website page that displays the supporting partner offers to our members.

We finished by discussing the applicants for the role of Executive Manager.  We will be making a formal offer in due course.

Attendees: Oliver, Vasiliy, Gianni, Rene, Sam, Suzi, Diane, Reto, Soren, Nicolas (by phone)

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