We started by talking about yesterday’s FINMA roundtable in Geneva. Around 120 people attended. There was a very high level of participation from the audience which was very good. We saw similar questions between the audiences in Zug and Geneva. The next and last event is in Lugano.

We will need to arrange an Interim General Assembly in order to vote for an Auditor. Rene will investigate whether this needs to take place in person or whether a virtual assembly is sufficient.

The establishment of the Ambassador program was on the agenda but Rene was not present to be able to comment and therefore we tabled this topic until next time.

The Investors Working Group saw its first Investment Opportunities newsletter published earlier today. The mail was delivered to over 250 investors and has been read by over 100 already.

We are pleased to have Ryver offer us the use of their collaboration software at no charge. Members can find out more details via the collaboration tools area on the Member Dashboard.

We closed the meeting by discussing the steady increase in the membership count and the discussions with two new Stategic Partners which continue to progress.

Attendees: Vasiliy, Oliver, Gianni, Susie, Sam, Soren, Kevin

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