We are interested to hear from our members who want to present their projects in 2018. The Events Working Group is currently building the pipeline for the year. The 2018 events will continue the general project events but will also include an increasing number of technology-oriented events initiated by the Technology Working Group.

There is excellent progress on new sponsors for the Crypto Valley Conference. We have lots of financial sponsors and the technical sponsors list is looking particularly strong.

The ICO Code of Conduct is nearing completion. Later this week, the latest version of the document will be shared with the Working Group with the intention of finalizing that before the holiday break.

Board planning for 2018 will consist of the board meeting every two weeks. This alternates between on phone calls and face-to-face meetings. The Chairs of the Working Groups will be invited three times during the year and the provisional date for the next General Assembly is June 8th.

There is growing interest in cyber security and tax, especially regarding smart contracts. We are progressing with the creation of working groups to address these domains.

We welcomed Switzerland’s Tamedia as another strong brand to join the Association and as a sponsor of the Crypto Valley Conference.

Attendees: Oliver Bussmann, Vasiliy Suvorov, Rene Huesler, Sam Chadwick

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