CVA members and projects profiled on Swiss TV magazine Eco

The Ambrosus project, a Swiss-based effort to develop blockchain-based ecosystems for life-critical supply chains like those for food and pharmaceuticals, was the subject of a profile on the Swiss TV business magazine Eco last night. The journalists also spoke to CVA member Daniel Diemers, Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The subject of the segment was the recent ICO […]

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Swiss Public University Begins Accepting Bitcoin

In another sign that Switzerland is at the forefront of the crypto world, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences has announced that it will start accepting bitcoin as payment for student fees. The university will partner with Bitcoin Suisse to handle the payments process. Read the full article here.  

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ICO Central: Why Switzerland Will Remain Crypto Valley

Despite recent news regarding FINMA’s scrutiny of ICO activities in Switzerland, many factors indicate that Switzerland is poised to remain a main hub for startups who wish fund their projects this way. There is strong evidence that Switzerland’s crypto/blockchain community is helping shape a more mature approach to the new and innovative economic models developing […]

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