ICO Central: Why Switzerland Will Remain Crypto Valley

Despite recent news regarding FINMA’s scrutiny of ICO activities in Switzerland, many factors indicate that Switzerland is poised to remain a main hub for startups who wish fund their projects this way. There is strong evidence that Switzerland’s crypto/blockchain community is helping shape a more mature approach to the new and innovative economic models developing […]

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CVA welcomes new FINMA guidance on regulatory treatment of ICOs

Today FINMA, the Swiss regulator, released new guidance on the regulatory treatment of initial coin offerings (ICOs). It also said it is “investigating a number of ICO cases to determine whether regulatory provisions have been breached.” The CVA fully supports this development. As we have previously stated, while we believe the ICO represents a potentially positive […]

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CVA member Wenger & Vieli publishes Swiss Law Perspective on token launches

With the recent rush to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Token Generating Events (TGEs), questions have arisen about compliance with existing capital market regulations. Are they, in fact, new ways for start-ups to more easily raise funds or are they newfangled ways to avoid the existing regulatory burden hiding behind crypto’s shiny new cloak? CVA member firm […]

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