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Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-07-28 – 2019-08-03)

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CVA Announces New Governance of Southern Alps Chapter

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The Crypto Valley Association has announced a change in governance of its Southern Alps Chapter, with the current chair, Gianni Minetti, passing the torch to Lars Schlichting and Gianfranco Prini, respectively taking over as co-chairs for Ticino and for Italy. With this, the Southern Alps Chapter intends not only to further accelerate the aggregation and dissemination of know-how in Ticino, but also expand its activities to Italy as a natural extension for exchanges and the cross creation of value.

Lars Schlichting brings to the Chapter his advisory experience to corporate clients in the application of new technologies like blockchain, as well as in the compliance with regulatory laws. An attorney-at-law, Lars was part of the legal department of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (now FINMA) and Partner at KPMG. Since 2018 he has worked with Kellerhals Carrard law firm and the Poseidon Group Holding.

Gianfranco Prini will support the Chapter thanks to his uniquely vast and eclectic knowledge and passion for computer science. Founder and executive of multiple technology companies, Gianfranco has a 45 year long academic career in Pisa and Milano as a professor of theoretical computer science, logics and AI; programming languages, operating systems and software engineering; computer networking, web technologies and digital communication; history of computer science and computing.

President Daniel Haudenschild commented “I am very happy that the CVA Southern Alps could gain such unique expertise from Lars Schlichting and Gianfranco Prini, two outstanding players in the ecosystem, while retaining the solid performance always granted by Gianni Minetti and Julia Borghese in every event they organized. With this governance we are best set up to serve the needs of the buoyant crypto and blockchain industry in the southern alps.”

Gianni Minetti and Julia Borghese, current chair and co-chair, will remain part of the CVA and keep actively contributing to its activities and success.

The Chapter will keep supporting contributions to discuss and grow blockchain and cryptographic technologies in academic and business communities, promote events for private and public organizations willing to explore this technology, and engage industry associations, financial institutions, research institutes and local government representatives.


Media Contact for the Southern Alps Chapter:

Julia Borghese, julia-borghese@cryptovalley.swiss

Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-07-21 – 2019-07-27)

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Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-07-14 – 2019-07-20)

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New CVA Officers Appointed

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The Crypto Valley Association is pleased to announce a range of new officers who will be supporting the Association’s activities as it grows and develops.


Alexander Schell

Executive Director

Contact : alexander.schell@cryptovalley.swiss


Dennis Flad

Chair – Enterprise Working Group

Contact : dennis.flad@cryptovalley.swiss


Mauro Cappiello

Co-Chair – Enterprise Working Group

Contact : mauro.cappiello@cryptovalley.swiss


Bora Altuncevahir

Chair – Education Working Group

Contact : bora.altuncevahir@cryptovalley.swiss


Pascal Brun

Co-Chair – Education Working Group

Contact : pascal.brun@cryptovalley.swiss


Bernadette Ochsner

Chair – Events Working Group

Contact : bernadette.ochsner@cryptovalley.swiss


Maximilian  Souchay

Co-Chair – Events Working Group

Contact : maximilian.souchay@cryptovalley.swiss


Biba Homsy

Chair – International Affairs Working Group

Contact : biba.homsy@cryptovalley.swiss


Engin Caglar

Co-Chair – International Affairs Working Group

Contact : engin.caglar@cryptovalley.swiss


Martin Eisenring

Chair – Investor Working Group

Contact : martin.eisenring@cryptovalley.swiss


Daniela Rosa

Co-Chair – Investor Working Group

Contact : daniela.rosa@cryptovalley.swiss 


Morgan Pierce

Chair – Marketing Working Group

Contact : morgan.pierce@cryptovalley.swiss


Fai Protasovs

Project Management Trainee

Contact : fai.protasovs@cryptovalley.swiss


Jean-Philippe Aumasson

Co-Chair – Cyber Security Working Group

Contact : jean-philippe.aumasson@cryptovalley.swiss

Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-06-30 – 2019-07-06)

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Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-06-23 – 2019-06-29)

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Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-06-16 – 2019-06-22)

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Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-06-09 – 2019-06-15)

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Weekly Twitter Summary (2019-06-02 – 2019-06-08)

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