Working Group

The CVA’s mouthpiece for communications. We promote our members achievements, opinions and information about their projects, companies and organizations.

Mission Statement

The Mission of CVA’s Communication Working Group is to promote Crypto Valley and its activities across multiple channels, serving Association members through knowledge sharing and communications support.

Use Our Communication Channels


Have you reached an important milestone, won an award, planned a major event, or have any other relevant news about your project, company or organization? We would be happy to carry that on our news feed. That can be a link to news you publish yourself, or a new submission from you. We are particularly interested in news that is fresh or even breaking, as that helps us establish the CVA as a valued information source.


Have an opinion on an issue facing our industry? A powerful idea relevant to our community? A technological breakthrough you’d like to share? An interesting human interest story to tell? We want to build out the blog as a channel for opinion from and features on our members. We are happy to consider ideas and submissions for blog posts.


If you have an important information to share with the public, we are keen to communicate what your project, organization or company is doing avoiding overt marketing as CVA content is meant to be informational and not self-promotional.

Editorial Policy

While we want Members to think of the CVA channels as “theirs”, in the interest of all our stakeholders we also have to ensure the quality of our communications and adhere to a set of communications standards and best practices.  That means we need to vet all submissions and cannot guarantee that we will publish everything we receive.

We are also happy, as far as resources allow, to work with you on content – for example a portrait of your organization or interview with key people. There is no need to submit final material. Especially for blogs, feel free to approach us with the idea first, and we can see how it fits in with our overall editorial policy.

We are interested in opinions, including controversial opinions, but they should be well-founded, civilly expressed and not run counter to the legitimate concerns of other members or our community. Ideas that inspire. One of our strengths in Crypto Valley Association is the know-how in our community. We are very interested in providing a forum for new and powerful ideas coming from our membership.

The CVA reserves the right to make the ultimate decision, at its own discretion, about what does or does not get published on the site. Get in touch with us first before writing new content. We can discuss if it meets our guidelines and requirements before you put time and effort into it. Please note that our communications channel is not for pitches or rants. All publications are subject to CVA’s approval.