Crypto Valley

Association Values


We understand the value of trusted relationships at all levels of the society and the economy, and strive to earn and keep the trust of all those with whom we interact.


We are transparent in our dealings and protect personal privacy. We look for the same in those with whom we work.


We believe in the strength of enthusiastic cooperation and work to foster collaboration within our ecosystem and the wider community.


We are honest in everything we do and take great care to maintain our integrity within our organization and in our dealings with others.

Innovation & Quality

We strive to be innovative in our work and to catalyze and support innovation in our ecosystem and the wider community. We are committed to achieve highest quality.


We ensure the highest security standards in the work we do and carefully identify, assess, mitigate and control technological, business and societal risk.


We believe Blockchain technology should serve a useful and necessary commercial or social purpose.

Our Vision

The CVA is an independent, government-supported organization located in the Swiss canton of Zug. Our mission is to build the world’s leading ecosystem for blockchain and cryptographic technologies in Switzerland. Our main focus is in developing and executing a community-driven program targeted at establishing and growing our ecosystem. This includes supporting start-ups and established businesses, making policy recommendations, initiating research projects, and hosting conferences, hackathons, and other industry events. We are also working to be a bridge between Crypto Valley and the global cryptographic technologies community – building on our already active connections to international centers of blockchain innovation in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley and New York.