2018 Objectives

Highlights about the key objectives and focus areas for the association for 2018

Drive Sustainable Impact

Financial Infrastructure

Educate and remove barriers for banks to offer financial services to startups

Drive VAT and tax guidance and best practices on Crypto Currency and Tokens

Regulatory issue, code of conduct and enforcement

Further enhance CVA ‘Code of Conduct’

SRO establishment with link to FINMA

Regulatory thought leadership with 2-3 deep focus areas

Support FINMA in establishing a token classification framework in Switzerland

Operational inbound requests

Define new operating model to address Inbound requests; Startups, Press or Investors

Define Kanton specific guidelines for onboarding

Mobilise community in startup areas

Enhance connection with wider community via knowledge exchange

Increase collaboration with Startups / Onboarding and Investor WG

Mobilise global investors and startups to establish sustainable business in Switzerland

Thought Leadership

Establish research agenda and network

Regional education bodies to position themselves as the leading universities of the blockchain technologies

R&D technology thought leadership through 2 – 3 deep content focus areas

Publications and events

Establish content driven working model to produce thought leadership output (papers) across all working groups

Members only meetups with a focus of deep content coverage and working group involvement

CVA Conference

Further establish CVA Conference as #1 global blockchain R&D event

Crypto Nation powered by CVA

A greater Zug based consolidation and a strong push for Swiss wide expansion

A greater institutional global network based on trust

Establish Kanton specific on-boarding