The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) General Assembly has elected Jenna Zenk and Maria Gomez as new members to the Board.

Zug, 21.09.2018 – The Crypto Valley Association is pleased to announce the election of Jenna  Zenk, CTO of Zug-based startup Melonport and Maria Gomez, lead for ecosystem development efforts at blockchain-based project Aragon as the newest members of the Board. The election is the result of the decision of the General Assembly in June to expand the Association’s Board by two places to be chosen from among the CVA’s female members. The expansion was suggested as a direct initiative by CVA members and will serve to strengthen the Association through a diversity of perspectives, experience and skills.

The role of the Board members includes co-chairing the CVA Working Groups, receiving international delegations, interacting with other Swiss and international organisations, presenting the CVA and Crypto Valley at external events and supporting the CVA’s own local and international initiatives.

Ms. Zenk has a dual background in finance (hedge funds) and tech as a programmer and chief technology officer. “I am excited to join the CVA board to represent the voice of the crypto startups and technologists in their efforts to build cutting-edge technology and drive innovation forward. I am also honored to represent the Crypto Valley in Switzerland and abroad.”

Aragon’s Ms. Gomez has a background in corporate and finance law and has been working on business development, operations and strategy in several leading crypto organizations. “I’m happy to join the Board and have the opportunity to help build a strong, diverse and international ecosystem where the values and vision of the projects, teams and people working on open, neutral, borderless and censorship resistant blockchain technologies are represented,” she said.

CVA President Oliver Bussmann is also looking forward to working with the two new Board members. “We are thrilled to have found two competent and committed new Board members, who are equally committed to the success of Crypto Valley and will help us continue our efforts.”