The Pillar Project, which is being run by Crypto Valley Association member company Twenty Thirty, just concluded its token generating event (TGE). The launch garnered over USD 25 million based on the price of ether at the time of writing*.

Pillar aims to build “the world’s best cryptowallet”, which it hopes will “become the dashboard for your digital life,” according to its website.

Twenty Thirty was founded by serial entrepreneur and author David Siegel. As he told the CVA, one of the things that differentiated the Pillar TGE from others recently was its broad base:

“We raised ETH 113,674.4 from 13,446 transactions, with an average of less than 10 ether. This was first-time buyers struggling to part with 1, 2, 3 ethers, asking for tech support endlessly, thousands and thousands of messages saying how excited they were, dozens of people making videos, and more. It’s much more like the Ethereum crowdsale than anything of this year’s vintage.”

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*20 July, 5:30pm in Zurich.