Cyber Security

Working Group

Defining and driving the adoption of security standards and best practices for blockchain projects. Educating users and promoting cutting edge security products and services offered in Switzerland.

Mission Statement

The mission of CVA’s Cybersecurity Working Group (WG) is to increase trust in crypto assets and blockchain technology, through the development and publication of best practices, the organization of outreach events, and the sharing of knowledge among subject matter experts.

Additionally, the Cybersecurity WG provides a forum for CVA member organizations, such as blockchain security product and service companies, to share their unique perspective, challenges encountered, and to contribute to the documents published.

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Main Goals

The CVA Cybersecurity WG has three main streams of work:

Safety of Digital Assets

Secure custody and management of private keys and other data critical to the safety of digital assets.

DApps Security

Security of decentralized applications running on public blockchains, i.e. smart contracts, DApps and DeFi.

Secure Blockchain Applications

Secure development and operations of blockchain applications and infrastructure.

 Join the Working Group

All blockchain cybersecurity practitioners, researchers and vendors who have demonstrated cybersecurity competence and have a positive reputation in the field are welcome to join the CVA Cybersecurity WG meetings as guests. If you’re interested, please reach out to

Regular attendance and active participation in publications and events require an individual or corporate membership in CVA. The WG and indeed CVA welcome participants from all around the world, not just Switzerland.

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