Is blockchain really going places? Yes, it is – in part thanks to the Swiss rail system!
This week, news on the blockchain development front is coming straight out of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley as the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) has announced that it has recently co-designed a decentralised identity pilot with Linum Labs, using the uPort self-sovereign digital identity solution.
With SBB maintaining thousands of construction sites and over 30,000 employees across Switzerland, the pilot was built as a solution to verify the identity of construction workers at each site. Having multiple parties making entries on a record needed for public safety, ultimately linked to an individual’s identity, made this an ideal fit for a decentralised identity pilot. This would enable simple interoperability between all of the different actors.
This comes less than six months after the city of Zug tested a pilot application built using uPort for the identity of its citizens during the voting process.
More details on the SBB and Linum Labs pilot can be found here.
uPort is supported by ConsenSys, one of the leading blockchain development companies worldwide and a Strategic Partner of the Crypto Valley Association.

Linum Labs AG is a Swiss-based company that aims to build decentralized systems towards a healthier society, with a focus on health and identity.