Nyon, Switzerland, 22.11.2019

domino.vote is proud to announce the Corporate Sponsorship Agreement with the Crypto Valley Association, one of the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technology ecosystems. The agreement establishes domino.vote as the CVA’s official online voting supplier from 2020. The CVA will use the domino.vote mobile application for different purposes, including statutory voting such as during the Annual General Meeting and within any relevant decision making process requiring member participation. domino.vote provides mobile online voting that is easy and intuitive, with higher security than current mobile banking apps.

About Crypto Valley Association
The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) is an independent, government-supported organization located in the Swiss Canton of Zug. Its focus is on developing and executing community-driven programs targeted at establishing and growing the ecosystem for blockchain and cryptographic technologies globally. Currently, the community consists of approximately 1,500 active and 7,000 passive members, 30% of which are international.

About domino.vote
domino.vote is a blockchain based voting app offering full supervision to voters directly from their smartphone and the first solution enabling voting rights to any standard token holder. Furthermore, domino.vote matches the highest requirements in voting platforms in terms of security, data confidentiality and the integrity of the results. Professionals and private organizations are domino.vote’s primary customer targets.

Ray Chow-Toun, Founder of domino.vote said: The shoemaker’s children in the blockchain ecosystem do not go barefoot. Henceforth blockchain based voting is a natural evolution in the decision making process at the Crypto Valley Association and we are proud to supply thedomino.vote leading edge solution to our peers.

Alexander Schell, Executive Director of the Crypto Valley Association added: domino.vote is an important new strategic partner for the CVA. In order to make our internal voting infrastructure and mechanisms more transparent, we are partnering with domino.vote to leverage blockchain technology into the governance of the association. We want to demonstrate, in collaboration with our members and partners, the broad application of distributed-ledger technology. domino.vote is a perfect example of this symbiosis.

For more information, contact domino.vote at info@domino.vote.