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Entries still open for the FT Future of Fintech Awards 2017

The Financial Times has contacted us with a request to let our members know about the second annual FT Future of Fintech Awards.

Following the success of its inaugural awards last year the FT has launched the FT Future of Fintech Awards 2017. The paper is “looking for innovative fintech companies that are changing the industry, and which have the staying power to make it through the hype cycle. Both small start-up companies and large organisations are eligible to enter.”

Entry is free, and submissions are being accepted through June 4, 2017. Ten shortlisted companies will be featured in the Financial Times and two winners of the FT Future of Fintech Awards will be announced at the FT Banking Summit at the end of November.

Entry form for the awards is here.

More details about the awards here.

Details about the judging panel and what they are looking for can be found here.

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