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Located in Zug in the heart of Switzerland, Crypto Valley is uniquely positioned to make the most of the matchless business environment and decentralized Swiss political system.

Zug offers a unique level of creativity and a robust platform for innovative growth due to an unusually open mindset of local stakeholders (government, education, tax authorities, venture capital, etc.), and an easily accessible network to many leading global companies headquartered or based in the canton.

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Archilex Consulting SA

Archilex Consulting SA is a specialist in intellectual property management and evaluation. We deliver full professional Intellectual Property services in Switzerland and internationally designed to provide the maximum protection of our Clients’ assets.

Our vision is for IP to be fully recognised as a tradable business asset, therefore we help our partners realize the full value from their IP assets. We help to protect, develop, make money from and enforce the intellectual property assets.

We are expert in brand strategy and trademark portfolios management, innovation and invention, trade secrets and domain names matters.

We believe that good IP management requires a deep appreciation of both IP law and commercial business management issues, therefore we work closely with our clients to understand the business issues they face both now and in the longer term.

Our Intellectual Property Services include IP Management, IP Assessments, IP Audits, IP Infringement Investigations, IP Lititgation.

With our Trademarks Services we help our clients with Trademarks Registration, Trademarks Searches, Trademarks Watching, as well as with the management of their Trademark Portfolios and with Trademarks Litigation.

We also help our clients with the protection of their Trade Secrets and Domain Names.

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Intellectual Property Managment Contact: Marco Sala Work Via Serafino Balestra, 9 Ticino Lugano 6900 Switzerland Website: Archilex Consulting SA