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Located in Zug in the heart of Switzerland, Crypto Valley is uniquely positioned to make the most of the matchless business environment and decentralized Swiss political system.

Zug offers a unique level of creativity and a robust platform for innovative growth due to an unusually open mindset of local stakeholders (government, education, tax authorities, venture capital, etc.), and an easily accessible network to many leading global companies headquartered or based in the canton.

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The legal industry has always been static, conservative and even protective of its tradition but now it is entering the new age. The Clients can feel that but the law firms still oppose the evolution. The Clients’ demands are control, simplicity and transparent fees. Google, IBM WatsOn, Symantec Clearwell prove that the tech revolution in legal services has begun and this process is irreversible.

The only way for lawyers to stay in the game is to become the integrators of tech-enabled services and so we do at Axon Partners. We provide the quality services of top-tier consulting companies and law firms but with a different approach. An approach that the technocrats would like to see in their own business: humane, creative and technology-based and that is how it should be nowadays.

Axon Partners serves technocratic businesses — early adopters of new technologies and solutions. We cannot stay aside of these innovations and when providing the legal services we make sure we know how those things work. For this reason we decided to form Axon Partners’ authorized capital in bitcoins.

We use kanban for planning and scrum for internal project management. Our corporate structure is flat. People at Axon Partners are shareholders of the company, so we really do our best. We adapted Zappos’ holacracy to serve our ideas.

«Draft a contract by COB today» or «we need it by tomorrow». With few exceptions, this is not how we work at Axon Partners. We may not be ultrasonic-fast lawyers on every occasion, but that is our recipe to ensure quality and prevent people at Axon Partners from having Droopy-like faces.

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Innovation Technology Department Contact: Orest Gavryliak Home Vozdvyznehska 34a Kyiv 01001 Ukraine Skype: orest_gavryliak Website: Axon Partners LLC