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Located in Zug in the heart of Switzerland, Crypto Valley is uniquely positioned to make the most of the matchless business environment and decentralized Swiss political system.

Zug offers a unique level of creativity and a robust platform for innovative growth due to an unusually open mindset of local stakeholders (government, education, tax authorities, venture capital, etc.), and an easily accessible network to many leading global companies headquartered or based in the canton.

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Thomas J Ackermann

Network with me: and ~~ Lived and worked 18 years in the US (April 1994 to October 2012): I like to embrace (or invent) new technologies, and make something useful out of them, from concept stage all the way to production and adoption.
BGP4 Internet infrastructure, high-availability service delivery, and cyber security have also always been a part of my business life.

So far worked 25+ years in start-ups, with some short dabbling in Fortune 50 companies for the experience.
Lived 18 years in the USA (1994-2012; in Los Angeles, San Francisco / Silicon Valley, and Dallas), actively participated in the pre-internet ‘geek’ world for the emerging Internet since 1985, and during the Internet boom – in Silicon Valley – when the consumers (the masses) joined for wide-spread adoption by 1994.

Owned a Cray, and love to create new technologies and businesses. Currently I live in Berlin, Germany.

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Quantum Blocks, Inc.


Done / participated in many technical “firsts”:
– 1st Internet Service Provider (ISP) in my hometown (1987)
– 1st Artificial Intelligence Learning Software for Law Students (1989)
– 1st Loss-Less X-ray Digitalization (1990)
– 1st Animation on the Web (1995) – Macromedia ShockWave (became Flash, enabling YouTube)
– 1st Content-Mirror Website (1995) – Precursor for CDNs – Tokyo / Stockholm / London / San Francisco
– 1st Content-Aggregation Website with 400+ contributors (IGN, 1998)
– 1st Pick-Your-Carrier ‘Super-POP’ data center (1999) – built it in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara
– 1st Link – T3 = 45 MBit/s – between Bank of America and Nationsbank on BofA Acquisition (1998)
– 1st Global Barter solution with Crypto Currency “Barter Dollar” (2000)
– 1st Cross-Institution US Money Transfer via web service (2000)
– 1st Free Public WiFi Hotspot (2001) – featured in WIRED magazine (USA) April 2003
– 1st Long-range WiFi War-Driving Van (2001) – 8-mile scan across San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge
– 1st On-the-spot WiFi Encryption Breaking via my own Cray CS6400 supercomputer (2002)
– 1st Working (!) Defense against distributed Denial-of-Service (dDoS) attacks (2004)
– 1st Digitization of Automotive Repair (2009) – “Brick & Mortar”, over 1.5m YouTube Views
– 1st AI & Deep Learning: Fully Encrypted Real-Life-Cyber (RLC) ThreadStream LogicGates: ExoWarfare (2012)
– 1st Blockchain Supercomputers (MSEM) – Bitcoin Mining from PetaHash to ExaHash (2014, 2015)
– 1st Scalability Design for Blockchain Growth while lowering Transaction Cost (2016)
– 1st Technical Design & Business Case to exceed 51% of every Blockchain PoW Infrastructure (2016)

• Head of Technology – 12/2016 to present – Quantum Blocks, Inc., R&D in Berlin, Germany
• Chief Technical Officer (CTO) – 01/2014 to present – BlockChain Industries (BCI), Berlin, Germany
• Chief Technical Officer (CTO) – 11/2012 to 11/2013 – Erasys GmbH, Berlin, Germany
• Consultant / Think Tank Member – 10/2008 to 10/2012 – ExoWarfare – Reality Lease Co. (RLC), Dallas, Texas, USA
• Interview Process for A5 Position in Chief Strategy Management – 6/2008 and 9/2008 – NATO C3 / CyberDefense, Brussels, Belgium
• CEO and Chairman of the Board – 11/2001 to 9/2008 – Melior, Inc. CyberWarfare Defense, Dallas, Texas, USA
• Assistant Director Technical Services – 5/2001 to 10/2001 – Turner Construction, Dallas, Texas, USA
• Vice President of Operations – 8/2000 to 12/2000 – CashEdge, Inc., Milpitas, California USA and Chennai, India
• Chief Internet Architect (CIA) – 9/1999 to 5/2000 – Internet Barter Inc. (BarterTrust), San Francisco, California 94107 USA
• Director of Computing – 5/1999 to 8/1999 – Affiliation Networks, Inc. / Snowball, Inc.:, San Francisco, California, USA
• Acting General Manager – 11/1998 to 4/1999 – The California GLOBIX Corporation, Santa Clara, California, USA
• Principal Consultant and President – active consulting 5/1998 to 11/1998 – Melior Inc., Antioch, California, USA
• Technical Advisor – 2/1998 to 4/1998 – CyberStar, A Loral Space and Communications Company, Mountain View, California, USA
• IT Systems and Network Architect – 9/1995 to 1/1998 – Macromedia, Inc., San Francisco, California, USA
• Senior Systems Engineer – 4/1994 to 12/1994 – Data Systems West (DSW), Woodland Hills / Los Angeles, California, USA
• Principal Consultant and President – 1/1987 to 4/1994 – “”, Münster, Germany and Los Angeles, California, USA

Quantum Blocks, Inc.

Fusion of Quantum Computing and Blockchain Tech: “we let Schrodinger’s cat play with blocks”.

BlockChain Industries, (BCI)

Turn-key, pay-as-you-go Infrastructure for Public and Private Blockchains.
Proof-of-Work capacities from GigaHashes to Exahashes.