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Leave this page open to mine a donation to the Crypto Valley Association.  The cryptocurrency you will be mining is Monero which was created using the CryptoNote system, which uses a hashing algorithm called “CryptoNight”.  This means the cost of manufacturing ASICs (the basis of the mining rigs commonly used by Bitcoin miners) for Monero would be so high that it simply won’t be worth it.  In short, you can use your computer to mine Monero; you don’t need to buy dedicated mining hardware to stand a chance of successfully mining the coin.


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Association Members should Login

Association Members should be logged in while mining to have mined amounts registered to them. Value mined can be redeemed against future membership fees.

Top 10 Mining Association Members

* If we recogonize malicious attempts to access the Administration areas of our online presence, these actors will be diverted to mining Monero on our behalf. If these people can't put their processing power to constructive use then we will do it for them. We thank them for their generous donations.