New Chair Takes Over Western Chapter of CVA

The association announces the assignment of new leadership in its Romandy Chapter, which will be continuing the efforts of the past structure. 


After a full year of service toward the association in its French-speaking Chapter, Aires Marques is completing terms, handing over at the same time its role and responsibilities to newly appointed Chair, Jérôme Bailly.

It was a great experience to chair the CVA Western Chapter, together with an amazing team. We will continue to support the CVA to build the blockchain ecosystem also here in Romandy. As a team member, Jérôme showed enthusiasm, commitment and ownership, I’m glad to be completing my 12 months term and to pass on the torch to Jérôme and to see the CVA achieve even more with him leading the way forward,” said Aires Marques.

Jérôme is present in the CVA since 2018 and was already active within the association as CMO of corporate member LakeDiamond. He has a broad knowledge of business development and marketing for innovation coming from his years in digital agencies and his recent involvement in the promotion of the Initial Coin Offering of the aforementioned EPFL startup, LakeDiamond.

“Being in the CVA greatly helped our team in the promotion of our token sale. It’s now my turn to help the association. I want to thank Aires, who has done a splendid job in setting up our local team. I’m now looking forward to working with these motivated people who are the critical aspect of growing the association in our Chapter.

The Crypto Valley doesn’t limit itself to Zug anymore. The Valley is Switzerland in its integrality, and beyond. Our Western Switzerland Chapter unites the blockchain and the tokenization initiatives from Geneva fintech and EPFL startups. My direct objective is to onboard the new corporates which are now coming into our crypto space and transform this local ecosystem into a more active and open French-speaking blockchain area.” said Jérôme Bailly, new Chair of the Western Chapter. 

As a mission, the Western Switzerland Chapter of the Crypto Valley Association continues to foster the growth of blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem in the Romandy region of Switzerland.

The board warmly welcomes Jérôme as the new chair and wishes to address its warmest regards to Aires for all the work he has accomplished in its year in the position.