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New CVA Officers Appointed

The Crypto Valley Association is pleased to announce a range of new officers who will be supporting the Association’s activities as it grows and develops.


Alexander Schell

Executive Director

Contact : alexander.schell@cryptovalley.swiss


Dennis Flad

Chair – Enterprise Working Group

Contact : dennis.flad@cryptovalley.swiss


Mauro Cappiello

Co-Chair – Enterprise Working Group

Contact : mauro.cappiello@cryptovalley.swiss


Bora Altuncevahir

Chair – Education Working Group

Contact : bora.altuncevahir@cryptovalley.swiss


Pascal Brun

Co-Chair – Education Working Group

Contact : pascal.brun@cryptovalley.swiss


Bernadette Ochsner

Chair – Events Working Group

Contact : bernadette.ochsner@cryptovalley.swiss


Maximilian  Souchay

Co-Chair – Events Working Group

Contact : maximilian.souchay@cryptovalley.swiss


Biba Homsy

Chair – International Affairs Working Group

Contact : biba.homsy@cryptovalley.swiss


Engin Caglar

Co-Chair – International Affairs Working Group

Contact : engin.caglar@cryptovalley.swiss


Martin Eisenring

Chair – Investor Working Group

Contact : martin.eisenring@cryptovalley.swiss


Daniela Rosa

Co-Chair – Investor Working Group

Contact : daniela.rosa@cryptovalley.swiss 


Morgan Pierce

Chair – Marketing Working Group

Contact : morgan.pierce@cryptovalley.swiss


Fai Protasovs

Project Management Trainee

Contact : fai.protasovs@cryptovalley.swiss


Jean-Philippe Aumasson

Co-Chair – Cyber Security Working Group

Contact : jean-philippe.aumasson@cryptovalley.swiss