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The radical change coming to Financial Services & Fintech in Switzerland

By November 14, 2016CVA in the News

Crypto Valley startups at the nascent stage of the Blockchain and Decentralization movement

Crypto Valley is a branding phenomenon, but it is also real. 

Paul Graham (Y Combinator) famously said that to build an innovation hub, all you need is “nerds and rich people”. The Zurich and Zug corridor (aka Crypto Valley) has plenty of both. However I add the coda to Paul Graham’s law  that the rich people should have made their money in something tech related; Paul Graham takes that for granted in Silicon Valley. Those decades of recycling big exits is Silicon Valley’s real “unfair advantage”. We are starting to see these second generation entrepreneurs emerging in Switzerland. For example there is Dorian Selz of Squirro (and Local.ch in past) and Richard Olsen of Lykke (and OANDA in the past). However, although these are great entrepreneurs and there are other examples, on this front Switzerland can only be playing catch up with Silicon Valley.

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