Regulatory Policy Working Group

The Regulatory Policy Working Group operates across three spaces:


At the local level the Working Group shapes the operating conditions for the population of Crypto Valley, with a view to ensure its sustainable growth and development.  The focus here is on the concrete questions originating from crypto firms, such as access and integration of developers, capital, the protection of intellectual property, other aspects of doing crypto-business in the Valley (legal, tax, accounting, auditing, governance),  as well as compliance requirements in response to ethical expectations and financial regulations.


At the national level, the Working Group participates actively in the financial regulatory debate and represents the interests of the Valley in the rule-making process. The group liaises with bodies including FINMA and SNB as well as other associations such as the SBVg.


At the international level, the Working Group monitors ethical and regulatory developments in the crypto space, commenting on them whenever appropriate and keeping the population informed about them.

The group exists to be the place to go for members to find an answer to questions on the themes above.  It is working on establishing an “ABC” of doing crypto business in Zug, focused on the difference between traditional business and crypto business.  The group aims to create dynamic content and is in the progress of establishing postings on answered questions that constitute material clarifications of general interest as well as online content on news and position statements.