Western Switzerland Chapter

We drive innovation through collaboration and partnerships with entrepreneurs, startups, investors, corporates, educational institutions, service providers, and government bodies.

Mission Statement

The Western Switzerland Chapter of Crypto Valley Association has been set up to foster the growth of blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem in the Western Switzerland region.


The Western Switzerland Chapter of Crypto Valley event series offers unique and regular opportunities to engage with crypto pioneers, industry experts, influencers, investors, mentors, and enthusiasts. See the Events page for details of upcoming events in the Western Switzerland region.

Investments and Partnerships

We bring together young startups and established firms, venture capital and private equity, technical universities and research institutes, professional service providers, the government as well as local and international media. We offer significant fundraising capability via direct access to private and institutional funds in Switzerland and abroad.

Broad Support

The Western Switzerland Chapter of Crypto Valley Association is supported by industry associations, financial institutions, friendly and accessible local government, and numerous local and international partnerships that contribute to the long-term economic growth of the Western Switzerland region.

We offer direct access to an impressive talent and experience pool including innovation technology and legal experts, significant fundraising capability, research and academia, government and media.

World-Class Infrastructure

The Western Switzerland Chapter of Crypto Valley offers an ideal environment for startups and growing companies in the region, providing affordable offices and coworking spaces, innovative collaboration opportunities, expert professional service providers, deep pools of capital, world-class telecommunications and transportation infrastructure, world-leading educational and research institutions, and a fantastic quality of life.

Chapter Launch Event

Lausanne, December 2019