We recently received news that restaurant and hotel guests of the Swiss-Chalet Merlischachen can
pay with Bitcoin and Ether. The directors tell us it is the first hotel and
restaurant in the Crypto Valley to accept cryptocurrencies.

According to the press release:

“Swiss-Chalet Merlischachen, a traditional hotel and restaurant company with its over 400 years
old farmhouse, is accepting Bitcoin and Ether for payments in their outlets from today onwards.
The Directors, Jeannine and Karel Noelly, are certain that ‘cryptocurrencies will be used more
and more and therefore it fulfils the needs of our existing guests and the blockchain community
to be able to pay with Bitcoin or Ether – and from today they can do that.

“Merlischachen is located in the middle of the innovative Crypto Valley, the worldwide leading
place for developing and deployment of the blockchain technology. Jeannine und Karel Noelly
say, ‘cryptocurrencies are becoming everyday life and as an innovative company within the
middle of the Crypto Valley it is natural for us to take the pioneering role by accepting
cryptocurrencies.’ “

More information at www.swiss-chalet.ch.