Technology Working Group

The aim of the technology working group is to provide our members and other Blockchain enthusiasts with the following three services:

Updates on latest technological advances

We provide valuable insights on various different topics related to Blockchain Technology using the CVA newsletter and blog. Our updates cover advances originating from academia, startups and establish companies alike.

Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology

To facilitate the transfer of knowledge within the Blockchain ecosystem, we are organizing annually the Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology (, which takes place in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Zug Switzerland. The conference aims to cover the entire innovation valley chain, bringing together leading researchers, entrepreneurs, startups and established companies from all over the world to share and discuss state of the art advances and developments in the Blockchain Technology ecosystem.

Blockchain Tutorial & Workbench

For those wondering what Blockchain Technology is and how it works, we’re providing a Tutorial and Workbench, which aims to explain some of the fundamental aspects of this great technology and how you get started. However, if you’re already a Pro don’t worry, we’ve also got some advanced topics that will challenge you. We believe that nothing can replace hands-on experience, which is why the Workbench is designed as an interactive eLearning tool.