We’ve added a LOT of new features to the Crypto Valley website since its launch in November.  Here’s a list of the most interested ones you should know about.


  • The new Member Dashboard provides you with a single landing page that contains links to the most important parts of the website.  This is complemented by the Account Dashboard where you can manage your profile as well as see information about your subscription.


  • We have added the ability to select the visibility of your profile and email address.  You have different settings for how members and non-members see your profile.
  • We had some problems with the member directory search.  These have now been fixed.
  • We have also changed the url structure of individual profile pages to make them more SEO friendly.
  • We have created the ability for members to post information about open paid and unpaid jobs.  Posting headlines can be viewed by non-members but only members can reply.
  • The Partner Network page now exists to promote organizations that have joined us as either Strategic Partners or Supporting Partners.  And the Key Contacts page provides key information requested by the majority of in-bound email queries.
  • The beta version of the automated dispatch capability for finding investors is now live.  Startups can submit their pitches to investors (some of whom have their profiles visible in the member directory).  Investors interested in receiving the deal flow can apply here.


  • The new Syndicated News page aggregated blog posts from many of the top sources of blockchain journalism to provide a single page to bring you up-to-speed.
  • Our News & Opinions page contains news from our members and the ecosystem.  If you have news that you wish to share with the community, contact the Communications Working Group.
  • We also have a Newsletter Archive, in case your spam filter is overly protective or you want to look back at previous communications.



  • Working Groups now have access to use Kanban, a Trello equivalent for collaborating on activities.  Access is provided on request.  If needed, please send a request to the Communications Working Group.
  • The new Publications Library contains a growing list of information and materials about the Association and the Industry overall.  Some documents are available to non-members while others require Association membership to access.
  • Members often ask whether they can use the Crypto Valley logo.  The Brand Guidelines page answers the most common questions about use of the Crypto Valley name and logo.


There were also many other enhancements behind the scenes that help the site run with the increasing volume of traffic.  If you have suggestions for new capabilities that you wish to see on the site, just let us know.