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One of the key issues with blockchain networks is the lack of interoperability. In the early days of Bitcoin, blockchain interoperability was far from people’s minds. However, as new networks continued to emerge and gain traction, the ability to move assets freely from one blockchain to another has become a critical feature.

We’re joined by Jae Kwon, CEO and Founder of Tendermint, the team which is launching the Cosmos Network. Cosmos aims to build the internet of blockchains: A global network of blockchains, connected through hubs that allow trustless token transfer. Jae joined us to discuss the Cosmos vision, the underlying Tendermint consensus algorithm and upcoming fundraiser.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What Cosmos is and the problems it hopes to solve
  • How Tendermint and Ethereum relate to Cosmos
  • How Cosmos differs from other attemps to solve blockchain interoperability
  • Cosmos’ consensus algorithm, BFT-PoS
  • The role of Hubs and Zones in the Cosmos Network
  • Cosmos’ native asset, Atom, and its role in creating liquidity for inter-blockchain exchange
  • How validator nodes will be chosen
  • Governance in the Cosmos Network
  • Applications for Cosmos
  • The Atom fundraiser and Cosmos’ product roadmap

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This episode was hosted by Meher Roy & Sébastien Couture, and is availble on YouTube, SoundCloud, and our website.