Crypto Valley Association Timeline

  • 2013
    Crypto Valley’s inception in Zug, Switzerland
  • 2017
    Roundtable with FINMA on Token Classification.
  • 2018
    CVA is established as a professional association
  • 2019
    Crypto Valley Conference with 1200+ attendees
  • 2020
    CVA pivots to digital presence
  • 2021
    DLT Law goes into effect in Switzerland
    Return of the Crypto Valley Conference
  • 2022
    CVA launches Latin America and Middle East regional chapters
CVA boat

The Crypto Valley Story

The Crypto Valley is a Swiss ecosystem for crypto and blockchain technology, established to take advantage of Switzerland’s strengths. Switzerland created the necessary legal certainty for a thriving ecosystem around blockchain and cryptocurrencies thanks to its politics and regulations. Crypto Valley was started by Johann Gevers in 2013, who recognized Switzerland’s ideal environment for building decentralized technologies.

The vision for Crypto Valley is to become a global hub for crypto technologies, similar to Silicon Valley. With the help of various individuals, startups, companies, and government agencies, the Crypto Valley has grown into one of the world’s leading ecosystems for. In 2017, the Crypto Valley Association was established to further develop and promote the ecosystem.

Meet our team

Our non-profit association is run by a group of volunteers and small team. We have 6 board members elected on an annual basis who drive the strategic agenda of CVA and we have an executive team who makes these plans happen.

Emi Lorincz

President of the CVA Board

Jérôme Bailly

Vice-President of the CVA Board

Maxim Kon

CVA Board Member

Ilya Volkov

CVA Board Member

Ekaterina Anthony

CVA Board Member

Marcel Harmann

CVA Board Member

Julian La Picque

CVA Board Member

Nikoletta Csanyi

Executive Director

Saskia Verbeek

Membership Liaison