Crypto Valley Working Groups

The major activities in Crypto Valley are driven by Working Groups. Members of the Association are invited to participate in the evolution of the ecosystem.

Policy / Regulation

Defining and establishing a regulation and policy framework for the ecosystem. Establishing an exchange and meeting platform in this context.

Chair: Mattia Rattaggi

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Startup Onboarding

Developing and defining the startup framework with basic support functionalities. Supporting startups in location, law, financing etc. Connecting startups with locals and supporting their networking.

Chair: Nicolas Schobinger

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Promoting Crypto Valley and its activities across multiple channels, serving Association members through knowledge sharing and communications support.

Chair: Ian Simpson



Establishing a running and easily accessible Blockchain LivingLab for proof-of-concepts, pilots and prototypes including links with Labs in universities and colleges.

Chair: Alexander Denzler

Crypto Valley Coders


Driving the calendar of events and activities across the region.

Chair: Reto Gadient

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Creating a network of blockchain-savvy investors looking for exposure to the crypto asset class.

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Driving discussion and expertise on blockchain tax and accounting issues.

Chair: Markus Vogel

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Cyber Security

Establish good security practice for blockchain applications and infrastructures
to foster trust and broad adoption.

Chair: Matthias Bossardt

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