Prior to hosting his ground breaking podcasts Beyond Bitcoin and The Ether Review, Arthur Falls had left his home country of New Zealand to fish lobster off the coast of Maine. Like many people in the blockchain space, his unlikely journey into the world of decentralized technologies is a fascinating one, and he shares it with us in this episode.

Arthur recently traveled to over a dozen locations around the World, conducting interviews for an upcoming documentary. He shares what he learned and his favorite experiences from this trip.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Arthur’s unlikely journey from lobster fisherman to blockchain podcaster
  • A brief history of his past projects and what he has going on at the moment
  • His recent blockchain world tour and what he learned from that experience
  • His views on the state of the ecosystem and institutional investment money now flowing into the space

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This episode is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain and Sébastien Couture. Show notes and listening options: