The rise of populism and increasing inequality have led to widespread questioning of democracy and capitalism. Glen Weyl, a political economist and Principal Researcher at Microsoft, along with legal scholar Eric Posner, published a book called ‘Radical Markets’. Radical Markets explores how restructuring property rights and voting systems could lead to more efficient markets and a more just society. Glen joined us to discuss the book and why the blockchain space is a fertile testbed to explore these radical new ideas.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Why blockchain is on a trajectory to exacerbate inequality and fail at improving the world
  • Why property should be seen as a monopolistic institution
  • How property rights create inefficient markets
  • The radical idea of transforming property rights via a Common Ownership Self-Assessed Tax (COST)
  • How the one-person-one-vote system contributed to the crisis of democracy
  • How quadratic voting works and leads to fairer outcomes
  • Whether or not buying of votes should be allowed in QV
  • His work with Vitalik and radical markets experiments in blockchain

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This episode is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain. Show notes and listening options: