CoinFund is one of the earliest crypto-funds to have taken shape, forming in early 2016. The fund is well known for running an active Community Slack, conducting great podcast interviews with cryptocurrency projects and an emphasis on building network nodes / services.

We are joined by Jake Brukhman, CEO, and Alexander Bulkin, Chief Alchemist, to discuss their latest thoughts on investing in the cryptocurrency space. We cover a wide variety of themes such as their opinions on the “fat protocol hypothesis,” thesis on value capture in the cryptocurrency space, their efforts to build network nodes; and their effort to build an open source token-less technology that allows entrepreneurs to launch their blockchains.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Coinfund’s history
  • What is a cryptofund?
  • Coinfund approach to investing in the cryptocurrency space
  • Generalised mining – what it is, and how it offers cryptofunds a competitive advantage
  • The ADAPT toolkit – a tokenless toolkit for rapid blockchain innovation

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This episode is hosted by Friederike Ernst and Meher Roy. Show notes and listening options: