logo-mdpiSacramento, CA, 3/26/14 — Coindib is the bitcoin directory that pays you. We are proud to launch the first bitcoin directory app on Android marketplaces. Free and paid versions are immediately available on both Google Play and Amazon Appstore. An iOS version is under development and will be released upon completion.

Coindib awards ‘dibs’ to content contributors. To earn dibs, add websites or mining pools to the directory. Dibs are analogous to shares in the directory. Coindib’s advertising revenue is tallied biweekly, converted to bitcoin, and proportionately distributed to all dibholders. If you control 5% of dibs, you earn 5% of Coindib’s advertising revenue.

Coindib encourages crowdsourcing through the Develop tab at www.coindib.com/develop. Here, members direct app updates by submitting new feature suggestions and bug fixes. Suggestions with the most upvotes are prioritized in future updates. We are proudly shaped by our community‘s feedback.

The full version features searchable listings of bitcoin related resources including popular currency data. Users of the $2 full version can add and edit content on their mobile device. The free version is view only with no currency data access. The web version is available at www.coindib.com. Here, all users have full access to Coindib’s services.

Coindib is eager to become an integral resource in a community that represents the most exciting paradigm shift of the century.