The Mission

The CVA’s Enterprise Blockchain Working Group provides CVA members a forum to examine important use cases for existing and new business models implied by enterprise blockchain technology, and supports collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Swiss enterprise blockchain community.


The CVA’s Working Groups are the main drivers of its activities in support of the Swiss blockchain ecosystem. Today they provide a means for members to actively support the community through discussion, research, best practice development and other activities in such key areas as Technology, Investments, Policy, Tax/Accounting/Structuring and Startup Onboarding. The new Enterprise Blockchain Working Group aims to do the same for the important topic of the use of blockchain technology in an enterprise setting.

The goals of the Working Group include:

  • Provide a forum for the Swiss enterprise community to examine and discuss blockchain use cases and the new business models – including broad-based, horizontal industry platforms – that this technology will enable.
  • Maintain a dynamic knowledge base of information and keep on top of important developments and trends pertinent to the Swiss enterprise community and make this information available to members in a timely fashion.
  • Hold events, including meetups and workshops, to share insights and hear from thought leaders from the Swiss and global enterprise blockchain community.
  • Contribute to the Swiss and global debate and discussion around key issues facing the Swiss enterprise blockchain community.
  • Develop best practices and recommendations for the further development and implementation of enterprise blockchain technology in a Swiss context.
  • Produce and disseminate original thought leadership on an ad-hoc basis as opportunities to add value to the community arise.
  • Develop and maintain connections to related associations and working groups outside of Switzerland.