duvamisStartup social media Duvamis recently announced that its business model is open and based on an unique system for informational advertising that strays from the aggressive and irritating methods of advertising which became so popular recently. Recently, Duvamis has developed a special advertising space, following its philosophy to motivate the expression of creativity and freedom of relations. According to the founders of Duvamis their informational advertising model is different and unique, because it strays from the aggressive and irritating methods of advertising which became so popular recently.

Nowadays advertisement becomes more and more aggressive, which annoys the users and does not provide the desired outcomes for the advertisers. According to the latest statistical data, the average efficiency of Internet banner advertisement is approximately 0,1 %. To improve this outcome for the customers, Duvamis has chosen and developed a never seen before advertising model.

The project main objective is to create an interesting advertising space, where different messages are to be published. In this way to intrigue and encourage the users willingly to look and search this space, in order to satisfy their needs and curiosity. One of the advantages of the new model is that Duvamis platform can have visits from unregistered users around the world, that allows the published advertisements to reach out more potential customers. Based on the belief that users have the right to gain and use only such information that’s of interest and relevant to them, the advertisements in Duvamis are shown only to those who are looking for them. This gives the advertisers the opportunity to evaluate the real interest towards their publications.

Furthermore, Duvamis non-aggressive advertisement assumes long-term effect and consumer attitude towards the brand, as well as optimized costs. Duvamis innovative and ingenious form of advertising aims to allow its customers to exit the imposed limits and to post any type of advertising message. This message will be published in the form of an advertising box, called Ad Box, that is displayed on a separate Duvamis page – What’s Created. Finally, in order to insure that this advertising model will work, the users will be targeted based on user interests stated on Duvamis.