Tron-acquired BitTorrent has launched the next version of BitTorrent Speed, which fixes several important issues while also offering 50 BTT tokens for free. This is the second update after the launch of the first beta version in early July 2019.

Shared by Tron’s Justin Sun on Weibo, the new BitTorrent Speed is met with rigorous internal testing and integration of users’ feedback. The earlier version crashed when you were downloading files, pop-up appeared for no reason, and importing wallets was a hassle.

The new version is better. With BitTorrent Speed 2.2.1, there is a new layer for securing local passwords. Adding recovery phase before creating your wallet is mandatory. Users can also import and restore wallets without any issues. For airdropping free tokens and avoid bots, captcha has been integrated.

Plus, through BitTorrent Speed, you can also track and manage your crypto earnings. If you want to send tokens? That’s easy too. You are really just a click away. 

Note: BitTorrent Speed is connected to the uTorrent client. It also allows users to earn cryptocurrency (BTT tokens). Seeders (uploaders) can earn by sharing files while leechers (downloaders) can download files by paying BTT tokens — only if you want to download files at a high-speed. It is just a traditional content sharing mechanism with the inclusion of BTT tokens.


Download BitTorrent Speed For Windows OS + Free Tokens

BitTorrent Speed is only available for Windows. Mac OS users have to wait. In fact, if you import an existing wallet, or create a new wallet with the new BitTorrent Speed, you can earn 50 BTT tokens.

At the time of writing, each BTT token is priced at $0.00044332 (CMC).

Download link here:

With over 100 million active users, in over 138 countries, BitTorrent has been a household name in the torrent space. It empowers clients like uTorrent to use its protocol.

As you think about it, uniting BitTorrent protocol and blockchain technology has done wonders: not only are users able to share files but also earn cryptocurrency.