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Zug, 29 August 2019

Upon agreeing under a Memorandum of Understanding, the two entities have set for objective to cooperate on the development of sustainable initiatives by leveraging intellectual potential and advocating the use of Blockchain technology to develop sustainable solutions for existing and future challenges.


With various forms of cooperation being pursued; such as but not limited to the exchange of knowledge and the organization of joint conference activities, the partnership is in line with the importance and primordial aspect of achieving SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that both parties value.

“Geneva Macro Labs is excited to announce our partnership with the Crypto Valley Association. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration and stimulating exchange around the Blockchain technology and its potential in addressing global challenges to contribute to a sustainable future.”, said Dr. Ekkehard Ernst, President of Geneva Macro Labs.

As a first mark of collaboration, the Crypto Valley Association will be participating in the “Blockchain 4 impact” joint conference of the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit and Geneva Macro Labs. 

The event aims at offering a new space for information exchange, debate and critical reflection on opportunities and limitations of the Blockchain technology in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

“We are excited to have found a partner in Geneva Macro Labs, who is also focusing on shaping international collaboration and bringing together the brightest minds to develop solutions for a sustainable future. It is part of our shared mission
to address how existing and future challenges can be solved using blockchain technology for a better tomorrow.” commented Alexander Schell, Executive Director of the Crypto Valley Association.


Further media contact:

Alexander Schell
Executive Director, CVA
+41 79 152 1700

Dr. Ekkehard Ernst,
President, Geneva Macro Labs.
+41 79 52 74 185