Both parties affirm their mutual interest in acknowledging, developing and promoting the fields of distributed ledger and related technologies to create business activity in Zurich and Switzerland, thus promoting the country as a global blockchain destination.


It has been agreed under a Memorandum of Understanding that a synergy between the two entities will enable the creation of a larger and broader Swiss blockchain ecosystem, attracting not only businesses related to the field but also visitors who will benefit from the valuable experiences created by mutual events and activities. 

A partnership between the Crypto Valley Association and Zürich Tourism is absolutely beneficial to promote Zurich as a main hub for Economy and Innovation. The aim of Zürich Tourism Congress Bureau is to attract international guests to Zurich for business events. With no doubt, the collaboration with the Crypto Valley Association plays an important role to reach our goals. “, commented Vanessa Reis, Relationship Manager of Zurich Tourism.

With Zurich being a global center for banking and finance, each organization has for goal to uphold and advocate the reputation of the city and its surroundings as being an economic destination of choice for anything blockchain-related.

“We are more than delighted to announce our partnership with Zurich Tourism. In order to attract international businesses, it is important to join forces when it comes to promoting Switzerland as a tech hub. Instead of scattering resources, we need to collaborate and support each other to reach this goal. As a result, Switzerland as a whole becomes an even more attractive place for doing business” said Alexander Schell, Executive Director of the Crypto Valley Association.