Dear Members and Friends of the CVA,

If the second quarter of 2017 was when we launched, the third quarter was when the CVA reached orbit. Not only has our membership increased almost thirtyfold since March, we also started expanding with our new chapter in Western Switzerland.

Judging by activity and media interest, Crypto Valley and the CVA have become firmly established names in the global blockchain community too. Such visibility is great for us – it is part of our mission to promote our ecosystem.

But visibility is a means, not an end. So while, as you can read in our Q3 2017 quarterly newsletter, Crypto Valley has gained a reputation as a great place to launch a token, our ambition for the ecosystem is about more than just being a hot spot for raising capital. We want to become a location known for generating great ideas, building superior technology, and creating good jobs as well.

With the Swiss Economy Minister, who visited us in August, promoting a similar vision, and such initiatives as next year’s Crypto Valley Conference, or the new Crypto Valley Labs, we think the signs are in our favor in this respect.

This impression is strengthened when we consider such exciting developments as blockchain-based digital identity becoming a reality in Zug, or the success of Swiss-based projects like Melonport or Ambrosus, or note that Swisscom, the country’s largest telco, has started its own blockchain business (and joined our Association). With all this going for it, we think it safe to say that our Valley has and will continue to play an important role in the development of blockchain technology and its broader application.

That’s the kind of visibility we are striving for.

– Vasiliy Suvorov, Vice President, Crypto Valley Association

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